Discover Venice Lagoon and its Charm

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Some destinations of Venice lagoon are well-known and famous, others are still unknown but nonetheless magic and attractive. You can also choose a boat & bike tour. Please read some suggestions.

Murano: the Glass Island

Crossed by a Grand Canal in miniature it is famous all over the world for the glass manufacturing, jealous and centuries-old art. This activity was so important that Serenissima had forbidden glassmakers to emigrate, worried about the possibility of seeing the Venetian monopoly become common heritage.

San Donato, a Romanic Church, is visible here.


Burano – The Thousands Colours

Famous for its colourful houses, Burano was originally part of the more important Torcello. Along the centuries the well refined art of crochet developed on this island, envied by the whole European nobility. In the main square you can see a crochet museum.


Mazzorbo island, connected to Burano by a bridge, has Roman origins. Its main feature is the presence of vegetable gardens and orchards, and sometimes the ruins of a fifteenth-century villa appear

Sant’Erasmo and Vignole

These two islands are considered Venice vegetable gardens as the landscape is characterized by a few colonic houses lost amongst the fields. Well-known are the plantations of vegetables, asparagus and artichokes, called castraure, which along the centuries have replaced the more important wine production. The Tower Massimiliana and Saint Andrew’s fort are worth a visit.

San Francesco Venice

San Michele – The last Journey

It is an ancient monastery, later changed into a cemetery. There are famous burials such as Stravinskij, Ezra Pound, Luigi Nono.

La Certosa

Originally it was a monastery with an important church. With the suppression of convents in 1806 the church was demolished. Later the island was given to the army until the abandonment and the recent restoration.

San Lazzaro degli Armeni

Originally there were a church and a hospital and later a lepers hospital, hence the origin of the name San Lazzaro, protector of the lepers. In 1700 it was colonized by some Armenian monks who lifted the Turkish flag so that Napoleon could not attack them.


San Francesco del Deserto – Inner Peace

The Island’s name is due to an episode about the saint. In 1220 the ship that was taking him back to Italy from Syria was struck by a storm and took shelter on the island. Here the saint planted his pine walking stick which later became a tree. Now it is the site of a Franciscan convent that you can visit by appointment.


Thanks to its strategic position it was transformed into a fortress and had and important defensive role.

At the end of 1700 it became a lazaretto used for quarantine, later it was changed into a long recovery hospital for elderly people. Now the island is abandoned but it is said that it is ghost haunted (See the Tv program “Ghostbusters” on DMax)



Once it was a very important Episcopal site and it was considered as the second capital city. Now it is almost desert and you can find Santa Fosca church, the ancient Santa Maria Assunta cathedral and a leaning bell tower. It was the first Venetian island to be inhabited. You can see Attila’s throne, the king of Huns, and the Devil Bridge.

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